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Character Profile of the Week
Seran Roken

Seran was born in Deiling city and at the beginning of his life he lived a simple one, his father, Bavric Roken, serving as an Officer of the Galbadian army and his mother, Ryina Roken, a teacher in the city. At first he began simple training as he prepared to join Galbadia garden with the hopes of joining his fathers’ ranks when he was capable enough. Years passed as his training intensified and eventually he enrolled into Galbadian Garden. It was not long before he was enlisted into the army as a soldier, the first day he put on his uniform being one a great pride. Still ignorant to the world Seran still held a rather schoolboy idea of right and wrong.

As all good things come to an end, his dreams of becoming an officer in the great Galbadian army did as well as he witnessed the unlawful and treacherous acts of his fathers platoon on the streets of Timber. While the Galbadian army were not all as dreadful as those whom served with his father, he could not forgive the actions he saw as they went against everything he believed in. Seran had always been a serious child, who yelled when he lost anger instead of cried, and the action of the Galbadian soldiers he witnessed once again woke his constant anger that he had quelled in his training and disciplining. Doubts and fear increased in the young soldier as to where the road he walked was taking him.

Not long after the incident his parents split as Bavric became more and more obsessed with power and authority and less interest in those he was supposedly caring for. As his mother left she offered Seran an escape of the pit his father was dragging him down, that being to leave with her to meet her brother in Balamb town. Going against his own code of honor, Seran accepted his mothers offer and after finding an escape from the army he left Galbadia. On arrival in Balamb town his uncle proposed Serans fighting ability be put to good use and convinced him to enrol in the famous Balamb Garden, as well as past enemy. He did so, swearing never to retreat from his duty again as he did in Galbadia.
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