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Character Profile of the Week
Ark Vaniér

Background Information

Ark Vanier was raised by a Trabian hero of the Sorceress War. This man went by Masurao, and made a living as a mercenary. Ark had little to no memory of his parents except a melody he heard a woman, possibly his mother, hum to him. After his mentor's untimely death, Ark enrolled at Trabia Garden until his eleventh birthday, when he transferred to Balamb Garden for immersion into the SeeD program. With the help of many friends and good instructors, Ark was able to best many personal trials, dangerous missions and matters of the heart. Now at eighteen, with the relinquishing of his Odine Bracelet and the junctioning of the GF Shiva, the GF made her mark affecting his memories. She has caused him to forget much of his childhood to make him a more effective soldier. All Ark seems to recall from his life is discipline and heavy mental and physical training with the single edged sword.

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