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Character Profile of the Week
Rikriel Rezier

Raised in Balamb Town, Rikriel's younger days were filled with boredom. He was a normal young child, but the only things available for him to do were to either stay inside, or go to the Harbour. It was at the Harbour that Rik first met the person who would show him how to have fun. Zacorze Deenan lived only two houses away from Rik's own, and his time was spent playing pranks on the Balamb community. For a while, Rikriel joined Zac in his activities, and he began to really enjoy himself. However, he remained the innocent young boy, and never wanted to play a prank on his own family.

So it came as a surprise when, on another day, his sister came to his room and told him that she knew about his pranks. She exclaimed that she would go and tell their mother the truth about him, unless Rik obeyed her and didn't tell of Fiana's own actions. And it was with this that Rikriel was silenced, believing that if his mother knew, she would disown him, like when his father left the home. What followed was just under a year of psychological bullying. She would pass the blame onto Rik, for everything that happened in the house, and she would constantly tease and insult him whenever their mother's back was turned.

Rikriel's mother, Lonwyn, could be described as an emotionally unstable woman. Having to raise two young children alone, not being able to have a proper relationship with her husband, and the isolation of living in such a small town had taken it's toll on the relatively young woman. She believed that, as the older and male of her two children, Rikriel should look after and take care of his sister, whom she thought of as vunerable. Rikriel occaisonally heard his mother talking downstairs, passionately exclaiming her desire to just leave the children for a while and go travelling, go and live her life as she wanted.

After the year of percieved torment, another followed in which Rikriel spent most of his time in his room - where he built his weapon. He was now far less social and preferred to come down only when necessary. At 15, Rik had changed dramatically into the opposite of what should be regarded as a boy of such an age. He no longer thought that he got as much attention from his mother, and he began to believe the insults that Fiana told him. She would call him pathetic, a freak, a waste of human life. She would regularly try to stop any new things Rikriel tried to do, saying that he had no chance of succeeding. She would fake tears to see Rik punished. She made Rik ashamed of the things that he would normally do, like reading or cooking, and stopped him from getting to know any people in the town. In all reality, Rik didn't want to face her anymore, nor his mother whom he now felt guilty for not telling her the truth himself.

When the oppurtunity to enrol in Balamb Garden next came around, Rikriel jumped at the chance. He could start again, without discrimination or bullying. However, when he joined, he found that his new responsibility combined with a lack of self esteem failed to change his attitude. Also, he was made to take extra classes to catch up with all of the students that had enrolled earlier. Now, the prospect of starting again rose up connotations of isolation and a responsibility he had never before been forced to handle.

It would be a certain fact that Rikriel has been overworked compared to some other students. Being 15 when he joined meant that he was forced to take extra classes to compensate for those who had joined at a younger age. Because of his late joining age, his age for taking the final SeeD exam has been postponed until now.
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