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Character Profile of the Week
Kairah Namishiki

Kairah was born to a former Galbadian military officer and a seamstress, a quiet woman who she remembers as a person who enjoyed singing. Upon her mother's death at three, Kairah's father moved them from the bustle of Galbadia to the serene peace of Balamb. When she was old enough, her father began to teach her of weapons and fighting. She had a few friends in Balamb, mostly boys who liked shooting as much as she did. Her father's sister, whenever she visited from Dollet, would teach her about hair, make-up, dancing and all the things she had wanted to teach the daughter she had never had. Kairah therefore grew up a strong personality, and as her aunt called her, a "very pretty child", though Kairah never saw it.

When Kairah was 13 and out in the surrounding grasslands of Balamb, she and her friends happened upon a party of Garden Students not much older than she was herself. With much interest, she asked around town and learned about Garden. A few months later, she asked her father if she could go. While military service had left a bad taste in her father's mouth, he understood the quality education she would receive from Garden was undeniable, and agreed that at age 15 she could go. A month before her 15th birthday, she and her friends had snuck out and she was inked with a small tribal tattoo on her ankle in celebration of her acceptence into Garden.

Her father had nearly not let her go after he found out.

But she prevailed, one strong will against another who couldn't deny his daughter anything for long. That summer, she packed her bags and weapons, and happily enrolled at Balamb Garden.

Tending to get along with the rough and tumble nature of boys, she quickly struck up friendships with Enzo Palos and Leon Scharan, and to a slightly lesser degree their cousin Tania Yanchell. Kairah's quiet, seemingly strong and stand-offish aura kept many students from getting to know her better, though she has improved and become more outgoing and friendly since starting at Garden.
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